3 Proven Ways to Build Your 2021 Sales Pipeline 

After sending 150,000,000 emails and reviewing 2020's best campaigns, here's what the data showed that worked and step-by-step how you can copy this for your own business!

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You'll learn which campaign is right for you and how to copy it today. 


9 meetings set just TODAY with prospective clients. Brands like MGM Resorts… Holy Sh** – In my 35 year career I haven’t set half that many meetings!

Wes Struebing

Logistics Titans

Strategy 1 - Intent Based Email 

How to target and email your ideal customers who are actively searching for your products or services today using Intent Data

Strategy 2 - Account Based Email

A proprietary system you can copy that is generating 20%+ Response Rates by automating personalized emails that copy key decision makers within a company.

Strategy 3 - Mass Email

How to send massive email campaigns of 100,000+ to drive registrations to your webinars, virtual summits or content downloads.

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Shawn Elledge

Shawn is recognized as a top B2B marketing influencer, experienced sales, and marketing automation consultant with advanced email marketing and database management expertise. He has a proven track record of helping B2B sales and marketing professionals develop demand generation and lead generation programs that deliver results.


Hear how to copy one cold email campaign that drove over $5,000,000 in closed business in the middle of worldwide lockdown (the Pandemic of 2020)!

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